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Nov 5

Les cryptomonnaies de A à Z,

Les cryptomonnaies, de A à Z, représentent un vaste univers qui mérite d’être exploré en profondeur. Alors que Bitcoin, la première cryptomonnaie, a marqué le début de cette révolution monétaire décentralisée, de nombreuses autres devises virtuelles ont depuis fait leur apparition sur le marché. Chacune d’entre elles a ses propres caractéristiques, son utilité spécifique et […]
Oct 29

what’s happened this week for bitcoin

===INTRO:=== Welcome to the exciting world of Bitcoin, where every week brings new surprises and milestones! This week has been particularly remarkable for the leading cryptocurrency, as it soared to new heights and surpassed all expectations. The crypto community is buzzing with excitement as Bitcoin achieves record-breaking milestones. Let’s dive into the highlights of what […]
Sep 24

BTC 24/09/2023

btc what else !!! by biotradingFX on Based on the provided information, let’s analyze BTC today and suggest three trading strategies: 1. Bullish Strategy: Direction: Buy Entry Price: Breakout above BOLL resistance price ($26,659.1) Target Price: Previous high or resistance level Stop Loss: Below BOLL support price ($26,535.1) Characteristics: This strategy takes advantage of […]
Nov 30

Bybit Inverse Futures Contracts: Now Live

Introducing BTCUSD Futures Contracts A futures contract allows you to lock in the future price of an underlying asset. The contract will converge to the spot price and settle upon expiry.  BTCUSD0625, settling on June 25, 2021, is available for trade on the Bybit desktop trading site starting today. One more contract — BTCUSD0924 — […]
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