Bybit Inverse Futures Contracts: Now Live


Introducing BTCUSD Futures Contracts

A futures contract allows you to lock in the future price of an underlying asset. The contract will converge to the spot price and settle upon expiry. 

BTCUSD0625, settling on June 25, 2021, is available for trade on the Bybit desktop trading site starting today. One more contract — BTCUSD0924 — settling on Sep. 24, 2021, will list a week from now on March 18, 2021. Both contracts will be available on the Bybit app in the upcoming update.

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Key Advantages 

You can utilize the unique features offered by Bybit’s BTCUSD Futures Contracts to further diversify your trading strategies — whether for leverage or risk control.

Shared Insurance Fund  

BTCUSD Futures Contracts share a common Insurance Fund with the BTCUSD Perpetual Contracts. As of March 11, 2021, Bybit’s Insurance Fund balance, which serves as a reserve pool to sustain most of the ups and downs, stands at about 3704.5 BTC. 

The expected Liquidation Price is $53,000 and the Bankruptcy Price is $52,950. Due to market volatility, the Mark Price has been reduced to $52,500 — below your Bankruptcy Price. 

In this situation, Bybit will automatically take over your remaining positions, offload them onto the market, and draw capital from the Insurance Fund built by BTCUSD Perpetual Contracts to cover your negative equity. This helps minimize Auto-Deleveraging (ADL) risks.

Two Position Modes 

You can choose to apply either one-way mode or hedge mode for BTCUSD Futures Contracts. 

Under one-way mode, you can only hold positions in one direction — either long or short. If you open positions in both directions, they would cancel each other out.

Under hedge mode, you can hold long and short positions at the same time for the same BTCUSD Futures Contract. In cross margin, if you hold offsetting long and short positions, you are perfectly hedged and will never get liquidated.

Shared Margin Account 

Use one single BTC margin account to trade across BTCUSD Inverse Perpetual and Futures Contracts as desired. BTCUSD Futures Contracts will share a common wallet balance and available balance of BTC with BTCUSD Perpetual Contracts, giving traders the flexibility to maximize fund utilization. 

No Funding Fee 

Your P&L and margin balance will not be affected by periodic funding payments.

Interested in spot-futures arbitrage? Learn more to kick off your winning trades today!

Inverse Futures Contracts are now in beta version. If you have any comments or suggestions, write to us via User Feedback. Should your recommendation be implemented, you’ll receive a token of our gratitude!

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